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Leather Beard Brush

  • Made with multiple layers of 16oz J&FJ Baker & Co Oak Bark tanned leathers
  • Hand-tied bundles of horsehair or boar bristles
  • Hand stitched using Maine Thread's waxed polycord
  • Palm Sized measuring 2.5"x1.25" 


This hand crafted boar bristle brush measures 2.5"x1.25” and is made of four layer of Oak Bark tanned Bridle Leather from J&FJ Baker & Co, the last remaining oak bar tannery in England. The bristles are boiled chungking boar bristles with each bundle hand tied into place. The bristles measure just over 1.25” in length. The whole brush is hand sewn with Maine Thread’s Waxed Polycord.

With the release of our Oak Brushes, we are working to bring back a lost art of handcrafted brushes. This brush is one of a kind. Its hand cut, hand tied, hand sewn, and burnished by hand to a glassy shine. The oak bark leather we used is a thick, rugged leather that is firm yet giving. Its made without the use of any chemicals or acids, and carries with it a deep history in the tanning industry.

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