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Abbot Wallet - Rocado Marbled Violet Shell Cordovan

This front pocket wallet is the perfect wallet for the person who carries a few cards and a little cash. The sleeve will hold 6 to 7 credit cards and the slot along the back will handle a handful of bills, receipts, or even another card or two. Very low profile.

The wallet is hand stitched using Marbled Violet Shell Cordovan from Rocado tannery in Italy.

Due to the nature of full grain leather, there may be bug bites, scratches, scrapes, and/or fat wrinkles. These are not material defects. Carmine Jack Leather Company views these variations in the leathers as badges of honor and celebrates the uniqueness that this provides every leather item we produce. We do not view these as negative marks against the materials being used and do not consider them to be grounds for a Craftsmanship Guarantee return. Such imperfections will not affect the strength and durability of the leather.

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