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Estimated wait time for Made-To-Order belts: 2-4 weeks

Brunswick Shipyard Belt (Adoption Edition)

Belt orders placed after 12/2/2021 will not ship until after Christmas. If you want to give someone a custom sized Oak Bark leather belt, check out our Oak Bark Outfitter Kit. Outfitter Kits ship within two business days. 
    • 14oz thick veg tan harness leather from J&FJ Baker & Co available in Natural, and Black Tea-Core.
    • Edges are left raw. As the belt ages, your body movement will gradually burnish the edges to a smooth finish.
    • Harness leather has been soaked in hot tallow to add water resistance and increase tensile strength
    • Solid Brass buckles with choice of Antique Brass and Matte Nickel plated brass
    • Buckles are attached with hand peened solid copper rivets
    • Each belt is finished with oblong belt holes. 

    Check out Sizing Guide for for help getting your correct belt size. Once we review your order uou will get an email asking you to confirm your belt size.

    The Brunswick Shipyard belt is a custom sized belt made using a very special Harness leather from J&FJ Baker & Co. This leather is a vegetable tanned leather, tanned in pits of Chestnut and Mimosa bark. Its a slightly corrected grain leather dipped in a vat of mutton tallow to add strength and then heavily greased to keep it flexible. The buckle is a solid brass buckle from BuckleGuy finished in Antique Brass or Matte Nickel, attached with two hand peened solid copper rivets.

    While all purchases with our business ultimately help us in our fundraising efforts for our Adoption we are finalizing, this belt is something we are doing as a dedication to the expansion of our family. Thank you for your support. 

    All Shipyard Belts have a currently lead time of 2-3 weeks.