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Estimated wait time for Made-To-Order belts: 5-7 weeks

About Us

Well, the name comes from Ryan’s grandfathers Carmine and Jack, who left their mark on Ryan, teaching him the spirit of entrepreneurship and a strong work ethic. Carmine was in product development and from whom Ryan’s drive to refine and experiment with the leather. Jack was a Georgia Barbecue legend. From Jack, Ryan learned the power of a lasting impression that comes from something made by hand and from the heart. Carmine and Jack would be proud of what their grandson has done to build the brand and craft heritage goods that will last a lifetime.

The brand started as have many maker stories; Ryan needed a better work bag for his daily bus commute. Disappointed with what he was finding, he knew he could make a bag that suited his needs. From that bag came the belts and leather goods, and today Carmine Jack is redefining how men buy belts, using their custom kit to size and design each belt for its owner. Ryan and Will work together to craft goods that will last generations. Their test is simple; they use and abuse every item before it comes to market. From daily walks with their pup on a leash they make to shelves hung by leather straps each item must past their test before it ever leaves the workshop.

Today, Ryan and Will make the kinds of goods that Carmine and Jack would have used and passed down. It all starts with the Oak Bark leather from London that lands in Minnesota and is handcrafted into strapped goods.