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Estimated wait time for Made-To-Order belts: 5-7 weeks

Care & Maintenance

We often get asked "Do I have to condition my belt?" and the answer is simple. "Yes, but not for a while".

Oak Bark tanned bridle leather gets a healthy application of oil and tallow before the leather ever leaves the tannery. Over time, as the leather is heated against your body and twist and turned with your movements, those fats and oils will slowly work their way to the surface. At some point you will need to replace the lost fat and oils

We created Leather Grease specifically for Oak Bark tanned leather in mind but it works great on all smooth leather applications. Leather Grease is a tallow based conditioner designed to melt on your fingertips and absorb deep into the dense fibers of J&FJ Bakers Oak Bark tanned leathers. After years of research and testing, our recipe is closely modeled after the same ingredients used in the tanning & finishing process.

Here is our recommended way of conditioning an Oak Bark Shipyard Belt:

Here is our recommended way of conditioning one of our Shipyard Belts:

Clean your belt as best you can.

Warm the Leather Grease by working your fingers back and forth in the tin; itwill melt against your fingers.

• Apply to grain side of the belt (the pretty side) and smother it all over your belt. Seriously, all up and down the grain side. You will see it start absorbing

• Make sure you get the area around the buckle and the belt loop

• Flip the belt over and apply up and down the back side of your Shipyard belt

• Hang your belt up to dry by the buckle. This will take a good 24 to 48 hours.

• After your belt has dried, buff the leather with a horsehair brush or a clean soft rag.

Apply as needed or when your leather is starting to look dry.